Game On…#SundayPrep

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Easily convinced to lead another round of Whole30  (Thanks, Gina!) – I said why not.  It’s been a few months; I can benefit from a reset and more energy.

Sunday is #prepday.  I found through past rounds; the best Whole30 success comes from some planning and prep.  This helps avoid the last minute scramble and possible slip off course.

First, is planning the schedule for the upcoming week:

Do things change?  Sure.  This bit of planning helps with success when the week get’s busy!

Today’s prep included:

  • A simple beef chili
  • Leek, pepper, mushroom, tomato frittata
  • Pulled turkey (Get an InstantPot – if you don’t have one – get one now!)
  • Turkey soup (quick and easy – using some of the pulled turkey)
  • Apple Cinnamon Porridge (for those new to Whole30 – porridge is not supported under the strict rules as it mimics cereal and you are trying to break away from your sugar dragon.  For me, the porridge provides an alternative breakfast, a few days a week from “the mighty egg” and doesn’t seem to spark any adverse effects.)
  • Turkey Meatballs (for my toddler and a quick meal on the go)
  • Banger Sausage & Sweet Potatoes prepped (for a busy night later in the week)
Breakfast/Lunches – check!  BTW – we like our meatballs a bit crispy!


  1. Prepping is so important with Whole 30. My prep day is on Sunday, but I had company and didn’t have time. So, today before work I’m doing my prep work. To stressful to do before work.


  2. My meal plan for the week is: Veggie Frittata, Walnut-crusted tenderloin, Grilled Asparagus with lemon zest, Shepherds pie and harvest grilled chicken salad. All recipes from Whole 30 cookbook. I would post pictures but don’t know how to on blog.

    Thank you again Carolyn!


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