In the beginning…

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Every blog has to start somewhere, right?

This is me pre – Whole30 (left – 2016) and about a year later (right – 2017) after two more rounds.  #Whole30 seems to be everywhere, and for every positive review, there is a negative one.  That’s fine.  To each their own.  All I can share is my experience, and it is one of freedom.  Freedom from cravings, mood swings, anxiety, and foggy brain. Liberty from headaches, bloat, sleepless nights, and over 30 pounds.

Losing weight was nice, however getting control over my 2 pm slumps and regular occurrences of a racy, edgy feeling (also known as anxiety) was even nicer.  I dreaded any meeting scheduled for the afternoon as I feared I wouldn’t be able to think clearly.  After my first Whole30, I experienced first hand a way for me to keep my energy up and all I had to do was change my habits.

What can I say?  I’m a Whole30 fan.  I am “that” person.  The one who wants to shout it from the rooftop.  While I have strayed from “strict” Whole30 rules during the off months (eating mainly Paleo) – I haven’t gone far. I don’t want to go back to feeling B.W30.  Common sense really. Why would I?

Is following the Whole30 rules hard?  At first sure.  Anytime you look to change behaviors is difficult.  Let’s face it if it were easy everyone would do it!  The pragmatist in me also states – it’s only 30 days.  Not forever.  *Sigh* I can have cheese again!

With a bit of:

  1. research/education (you need to know WHY you are doing it)
  2. planning (your HOW makes it so much easier)
  3. commitment (YOU need to be all in! HALF30 is not the same as WHOLE30)

Anyone can do it.  I never knew there was a better me.  There might be a better you, too.

The beginning is the most important part of the work. — Plato

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