R4, D2 – Hello, old friends.

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Yesterday, I started with a piece of frittata made during Sunday prep containing leeks, mushrooms, peppers, and cherry tomatoes.  Clearly, I was thinking more about eating than the photo op.  Doesn’t look as pretty smothered in Cholula hot sauce – but it tastes incredible with a kick!

If you haven’t made a frittata, you really should.  Frittatas are simple and can combine different varieties of your favorite ingredients.  I am especially a fan of the “clean out the fridge frittata” – you can get pretty creative with the combinations.

*Tip* – I love leeks and have realized I love them even more in a frittata.  They provide such a mellow, onion flavor and are clearly undervalued veggies.  Just make sure you clean them, see here.

Frittatas are a weekly staple in my house to have ready-to-eat breakfast or the occasional quick lunch.  Easy, delicious, and inexpensive.

I was so ready to dig in I missed the photo opportunity without the smother of Cholula.

Dinner brought forward another W30 “old friend.”

Bangers and Sweet Potato Mash – one of the original W30 recipes we tried.

*Tip* – First, do not leave the lemon zest out of the sausage – Yum.  Second, save yourself a rush after work, prep the banger sausages (they freeze well) and chop the sweets during food prep Sunday, so they are ready to go.

IMO – The caramelized onions are a critical part of this dish.  I select to use sweet onions and let them carmelize while the bangers are cooking.  The trick to good caramelization is to set the heat, a big dollop of ghee, and leave them alone.  Give an occasional toss as they start to brown.  Resist the urge to stir or cover them – you’ll end up steaming them and miss out on the flavor development.

W30 – Bangers and Sweet Potato Mash



  1. I agree Friattas are my staple too. Love putting lots of veggies in it.

    You must try the Sheppard’s pie from the Whole 30 cookbook. It’s delicious.


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