Easy Pork Posole

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I made this Pork Posole (Mexican-inspired stew) several months ago.  It was a multi-step recipe from the Whole30 cookbook and very delicious.  I loved the flavors but wouldn’t have time for the steps for a weekly meal.

Here’s a new quicker version – about 30 minutes.  There are several recipes online.  I looked at several and played around with the general ingredients and what I had on hand.

What you don’t see is cooking the cubed pork (grey meat – yay!) – when I make this again, I’ll use a few handfuls of pulled pork carnitas.  The stew pork cut needs slow cooking, or I could use our pressure cooker (Instant Pot).

The only thing missing was our tostones (fried green plantains) – I haven’t seen a green one in our local stores for weeks and the more ripe ones are too sweet.

IMG_2504 2
Onion, poblano, and green pepper – smells so good.
Add cumin, mexican oregano, cayenne, salt, potatoes.
Add chicken broth and simmer.  You want the potatoes to start breaking apart.  They add a nice creaminess to the dish.

A bit of fresh lime juice and cilantro on top – superb.

Bingo – so quick, and delicious.  Flavor definitely on point!

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