Sunny (finally) Sunday Prep

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Went a bit easy this weekend on prep as we spent a lot of time soaking up the much needed Vitamin D after a winter that appeared to be far from over.

The sunshine through the window made the colors of this frittata come alive.  This frittata contains leeks, garlic, red pepper, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil.  I also put in some S&P and smoked paprika.


So beautiful and yummy – can’t wait until it contains veggies from our garden.

Also, cooked a pork butt in the instant pot.  Do you have an instant pot?  If not, it is by far the best appliance I have ever owned.  Don’t wait – get one today.

I did this one pretty generic as we will have several meals from this.  Pork butt, S&P, 4th& Heart California Garlic ghee, garlic, onion, and chicken stock.

Using the saute function, place ghee (or any cooking oil) into the bottom of Instant Pot.  Brown pork.  Pour in the stock, add minced garlic and onion.  Pressure cook for 2 hours and let it decompress naturally.  (I cook my pork 15 lbs per pound, and it seems to do the trick)

Into the Instant Pot, it goes.

When done cooking, use forks, fingers (once cooled), or these nifty meat pulling gadgets we got one year as a Christmas gift to shred the pork.  If it needs a bit more time to cook, you can put it back in and use the slow cooker setting.

We will get 3-4 different meals from this one.  Versatile and freezes well.

IMG_2503 2
Mouth-watering pulled pork.  So hard not to eat it all it is that good!

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