About Me

Hi, I am Carolyn.  I’m a toddler mom, a devoted wife, a workaholic, a perfectionist, an extroverted-introvert, a bassoonist, a bourbon-lover, a sock-knitter – all wrapped up in a 42 years old body.  I also have a mind that is always on-the-go.  I am me, and I have learned to accept who I am today and who I aspire to be.

I started this blog as a way to document my journey in being the best version of me.  Striving to find life balance and sharing things bringing happiness into my world.

Just girl with a voice, a bit of sass, and a fire that burns bright.  I look forward to the conversation.

Please note, opinions shared are personal, not a replacement for working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new dietary or lifestyle program.